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20 sept. 2022

This summer, the Dinard Competition for amateurs brought together six endearing musical personalities.

For its second edition, the Dinard Amateur Piano Competition, on July 14, welcomed six pianists aged 31 to 80. The level was significantly higher than the first edition, but the event has lost none of its spirit of openness and benevolence. Without renouncing a certain requirement, nothing here is oriented towards the taste for performance or gratuitous virtuosity.

What brings the candidates together is their sensitivity, their musicality. The jury, chaired by Éric Le Sage – replacing Jean-Philippe Collard – brought together France Musique producer Émilie Munera, Vincent Rémy, deputy mayor of Dinard, and pianist Claire-Marie Le Guay, who directs the festival. The latter introduced each of the candidates in turn.

Some significant details of their biography, giving us a glimpse of singular life paths. Like that of Anne-Marie Rouchon, oldest candidate, 80 years old and full of confidence. His presence commands admiration. At the statement of his journey, applause burst into the room. This former tennis champion – she participated three times in the Roland-Garros tournament – ​​has returned to the piano since she put her racket away in 2006. There is no doubt that she has a taste for a challenge. She presented to the public the Polonaise op. 2 n° 1 of Chopin, led from start to finish.

Photo credit: Serge Bizeul

The winner, Victor Amoureux

Clara Hwang, a 32-year-old pediatric audioprosthetist, impresses for her part with her technical mastery in Chopin's 2nd Ballade, while Rennes professor of literature Matthieu Jubin conquers the hearts of the public with Danza animata by Breton composer Jean Cras. He will also get the audience award. Victor Amoureux, a 31-year-old Parisian, former student of the Paris CRR, won first prize. This pupil of Billy Eidi distinguished himself with Reflets dans l'eau and Mouvement by Debussy. Listening to these amateur pianists perform in front of us is not only a musical experience. It is also a human adventure. Who makes us humble.
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